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"Hootenanny" magazine,
Dec 1963:

"An Doc Watson's walkin
Ray Charles's shoutin an speakin
Bertrand Russell's yellin from across the ocean
an Julian Beck's tellin the same on this side a the sea --
Jim Foreman is livin an Ross Barnett's losin --
Harry Jackson's paintin --
Maybelle Carter's really standin an really strummin
an Mike Seeger's really real
An Pete Seeger's really
Pete Seeger --
An Joan Baez is still unshattered
An Marlon Brando's on the good side --
An the time's a rollin down every single street --
There's a girl waitin on every single corner --
An men're still breathin
An it's all music..."

Unfortunately, it's NOT "all music"

-- it's registered trademarks, corporate greed, and near-extortionist methods by the self-proclaimed "Web Sheriff" employed against (former) loyal fans and supporters of a former artist, singer-songwriter and poet, who seems to have forgotten that it was fans like the webmaster of this site who promoted the artist for more than 15 years as a "labor of love", at no cost to the artist, who dutifully bought every release, attended every concert they could get to....

On Jan. 31, 2011 -- a date which will live in infamy -- bobdylanroots.com and bobdylanroots.de were suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Web Sheriff claiming to act on behalf of the trademark empire of Special Rider.


Bobdylanroots.com/bobdylanroots.de was at peace with that empire and, at the solicitation of Sony and other entities, constantly promoting new releases whenever asked for support and promotion, as can be documented by numerous email requests.


The attack on Jan. 31, 2011 has caused severe damage to Bob Dylan™ scholarship and research, very many well-researched and extensively documented facts have been lost.


There is no blinking at the fact that


·         the First Amendment guarantee of free speech,

·         independent research, 

·         and fair use


in accordance with U.S. copyright and trademark law are in grave danger.


Despite the unprovoked and dastardly attack by the Web Sheriff on Jan. 31, NO STATE OF WAR exists between bobdylanroots.com/bobdylanroots.de and the Special Rider empire.

bobdylanroots.com and bobdylanroots.de are registered and legally owned by Manfred Helfert, and not the property of Bob Dylan™  nor Special Rider™.

Special Rider™ (Blues)  is the title of a blues by Nehemiah Skip James who probably did not have the money (nor saw the need) to register a commonplace "floating" expression as a trademark.




Welcome to the former

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These pages will no longer be updated.

Clinton Heylin's REVOLUTION IN THE AIR - Oh No - not another unneeded Dylan™ book!



PATTI SMITH's new album "Twelve" contains cover of Dylan™'s "Changing Of The Guard"

"Let me be known as just the man that told you something you already knew."

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These pages will no longer be updated.

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There he stands, and who can believe him? Black corduroy cap, green corduroy shirt, blue corduroy pants. Hard-lick guitar, whooping harmonica, skinny little voice. Beardless chin, shaggy sideburns, porcelain pussy-cat eyes. At 22, he looks 14, and his accent belongs to a jive Nebraskan, or maybe a Brooklyn hillbilly.

He is a dime-store philosopher, a drugstore cowboy, a men's room conversationalist. And when he describes his young life, he declares himself dumbfounded at the spectacle. "With my thumb out, my eyes asleep, my hat turned up an' my head turned on," says Bob Dylan™, "I'm driftin' and learnin' new lessons."

Sometimes he lapses into a scrawny Presleyan growl, and sometimes his voice simply sinks into silence beneath the pile-drive chords he plays on his guitar. But he has something unique to say, and he says it in songs of his own invention that are the best songs of their style since Woody Guthrie's.

TIME, May 31, 1963.

"Anything called a hootenanny ought to be shot on sight, but the whole country is having one. A hootenanny is to folk singing what a jam session is to jazz, and all over the U.S. there is a great reverberate twang. Guitars and banjos akimbo, folk singers inhabit smoky metropolitan crawl space; they sprawl on the floors of college rooms; near the foot of ski trails, they keep time to the wheeze and sputter of burning logs; they sing homely lyrics to the combers of the Pacific.
They are everybody and anybody. A civil engineer performs in his off-hours in the folk bins of the Midwest. So do debutantes, university students, even a refugee from an Eastern girl's-school choir. Everywhere, there are bearded fop singers and clean-cut dilettantes. There are gifted amateurs and serious musicians. New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and San Francisco all have shoals of tiny coffee shops, all loud with basic folk sound--a pinched and studied wail that is intended to suggest flinty hills or clumpy prairies."

"JOAN BAEZ -- Folk Singing: Sybil with guitar,"
TIME, Nov 23, 1962.